Robust. Sustainable. Unique.


It is our responsibility to protect the rainforest for future generations. At ARMARGENTUM® , we refrain from using plastic fasteners and instead only use eco-friendly buttons made from vegetable ivory. This precious material is extracted from the seeds of elephant plant species (ivory-nut palms), which are native the rainforests of Central America, mainly Ecuador.
Since ivory-nut palms cannot be cultivated and only grow in a natural environment, its seed is a great natural product that helps to protect the tropical rainforest. The unique nut enables thousands of rainforest inhabitants to live off the crop, thus avoiding the deforestation of our green lungs. Many artisans also find work transforming the nuts into natural blanks, the raw material used to make our unique buttons. For more sustainable fashion.
For the protection of our rainforest. For a better world.