Luxurious. Timeless. High quality.


High-quality basics are the basis of every fashionable outfit. They can be harmoniously combined with each other in various ways and form a subtle counterpart to eye-catching statement items. No fashion-conscious woman can overlook these items!

ARMARGENTUM® has dedicated itself to these important key pieces, providing timeless, perfectly fitting blouses, blazers and T-shirts in classic colours such as white, black and beige - the perfect base for any wardrobe. If you own these high-quality basics, you can easily fashion a wide variety of looks for every occasion. The luxurious everyday pieces are simply a perfect fit for every wardrobe and take any outfit to a new level - whether a casual jeans-based or business look. Best of all, the horror of having nothing to wear, even though your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, is completely over with the ARMARGENTUM® classics.