Organic. Plant-based. Pure. 


Mild detergents, heavy-duty detergents, colour detergents, functional detergents, special detergents – phew! The choice available today is enough to make your head spin! And there’s no telling how your blood pressure will react if you start to read the ingredients of these modern detergents. After all, many not only harm the environment, but also attack the skin.

We therefore say goodbye to chemical gels and powders and instead rely on our 100% plant-based SAPINDA soap nuts (click here to visit the shop). These natural detergents are not only biodegradable, but also suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. When used with warm water, the concentrated saponins in the nutshell unfold an exceptional detergency which safely kills fungi and bacteria. Soap nuts can also be used to cleanse delicate fabrics such as wool and silk, leaving them pleasantly soft.

In India, the fruit pulp of the soap nut tree has been widely used for washing clothes for centuries. The tree species are native to the northern Indian Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet. Soap nut trees can exist in frugal conditions and do not require artificial fertilisation. The trees also prevent soil erosion. Soap nuts thus offer an environmentally and skin-friendly alternative that supports our love of healthy, sustainable fashion.

Our SAPINDA soap nuts are included with every order and are also available in our online shop.