Clever. Easy on the skin. Sustainable.


Fashion doesn’t just have to look good and fit perfectly, it also has to feel great, above all! To create this very special top-feel factor, ARMARGENTUM® has developed a unique miracle fibre over three years with textile researchers that guarantees maximum comfort, is proven to keep you looking young and is fully sustainable.

Our innovative technology promotes, in a natural way, the active regeneration and beautification of the skin, even preventing cellulite. The functional natural fibre not only creates a straightforward feel, but also has a calming effect on the body, mind and soul. Even people with extremely sensitive skin types will feel totally comfortable and assured in our silky soft cotton and jersey fabrics.

Four Facts about our miracle fibre

  1. Our miracle fibre has a cosmetic effect, as it actively supports the natural regeneration process of the skin. The fibre calms, promotes cell renewal and therefore contributes positively to a healthier and more beautiful complexion.
  2. The intelligent fibre protects against UV rays (up to SPF 50) in a natural way and forms a protective shield against harmful environmental influences and free radicals. It therefore also prevents skin damage and premature aging of the skin.
  3. The innovative textile technology reduces the development of germs on the skin.
  4. All items can be washed at 60 degrees and more while retaining their form and properties.

Proven quality and effects

In order to continuously ensure the highest quality standards of the fibres used by ARMARGENTUM®, an experienced team of engineers and scientists monitors the production process in Lenzing AG’s state-of-the-art production facilities in Austria.

TThe unique properties of the miracle fibre have also been successfully tested and verified by several independent institutes. The respected Hohenstein Institute has confirmed it offers excellent protection against UVA and UVB rays, while the University Clinic of Jena has proved the cosmetic effects of the fibre.

The producer of our fibres was also awarded the European Environment Prize by the European Union in 2000 in the category of sustainable technologies for its environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing process.