Soothed. Regenerated. Rejuvenated.

Antibacterial thanks to innovative fibre technology 

Centuries before the pharmaceutical industry developed, many illnesses were already treated with one single remedy: colloidal silver and zinc. They have the property of being effective against virulent bacteria, viruses and fungi. Within a very short space of time and without side-effects, it can kill off various pathogens so that it can be used as a natural protection.

Every Armargentum blouse consists of a fibre from anti-viral silver and zinc and helps to prevent germs from multiplying on the skin to the greatest possible extent.

The skin-friendly materials by Armargentum® offer a high level of wearing comfort. The high-grade fabrics are comfortably light and, thanks to the antibacterial silver- and zinc-technology, prevent germs from multiplying on the skin. 

Our aim is to create a product that meets contemporary requirements on health, ethically correct sourcing as well as requirements on fashion.