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This airy blouse is a super-chic fashion piece in black. The sophisticated workmanship gives it a clean, chic look - a stylish combination of subtle elegance and comfortable ease. The all-in-black look is a timeless fashion statement for everybody in the ASPLENIUM Blouse. The highlight of the blouse are the sleeves which give the design a characteristic look, accentuating the sleeves and showing them off. The overlapped shoulder area with its cuffs is a lovely finishing touch for this model. There is a proud philosophy behind the chic button closure. The material is from the ivory palm, which sheds nuts naturally, only grows on a clear subsurface and has secured the livelihoods of thousands of Rain Forest inhabitants. Adieu plastic! * Back length: 63 cm * Chest width: 116 cm * Waist: 116 cm * Hip width: 116 cm * Shoulder + Sleeve length: 27 cm

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